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This is How This Mom Taught a Lesson To Her Rebel Teenage Son

September 20, 2015

A letter from Estella to her Son Aaron has gone viral and shared by thousands of people. In this letter she teaches him a “lesson in Independence”. She asked him to pay for Rent, Internet, Electricity, and Food. She told him that he had forgotten that he was “only 13 and I’m the parent”. Aaron treated her like a “roommate”. It gained more 95000 likes and more than 164000 share and 14000 comments after she posted it on Facebook.

She said that he had like to her about his homework and told her that he could earn on his own by making money on YouTube. She also asked him to empty the trash, sweep and vacuum on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If he fails to do so, he will have to pay $30 maid fee for every day she has to do it.

The author of this letter posted on her Facebook account with a different name “Heidi Johnson” due to anonymity issues that she did not intend to post this letter for publicity or likes. She intended to post with her family and friends only, but by mistake she clicked on the public. After this went viral she posted this letter on her twitter account as well, which poses as Estella Havisham.

The letter ends with: “The letter signed off: “If you decide you would rather be MY CHILD again instead of a roommate, we can negotiate terms.” In a subsequent post she wrote that “It is still a work in progress. This incident just happened last week. It has made a difference though. When I ask him to do something, he does it,”

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