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Never reheat these foods! It becomes toxic, cause cancer

December 6, 2016

Never reheat these 8 Foods to avoid cancer!

It’s common in all homes that we reheat the food when we eat that food at another time.  It is not only bachelors that do this, but the freeze is full of leftover food in every home now. To escape from cooking we cook more at a time and freeze it and sometimes we do not cook more, but some food is left that we freeze and use at another time, but only a few of us know that each and every food cannot be re-heated.

You will be shocked to know that we should not re-heat all foods. Reheating some type of food is harmful to health. Sometimes it increases the risk of cancer. In some foods, if we re-heat them the protein is destroyed, nutrition property is lost and become toxic which can cause cancer.

To avoid these problems you should only cook that is enough for all members of our family. If in case some food is left, then check if it’s not one from below.

1. Chicken


Chicken contains more protein than red meats. When the re-heated protein composition of chicken is changed and become toxic. Eating reheated chicken can cause digestive problems. Next time, when you have leftover chicken don’t throw or reheat it, just enjoy it cold.

2. Potato

Potato is healthy food, but when kept for a long time it loses its nutrition property. Eating reheated potato can cause digestive problems such as food poisoning.

3. Beet


Beetroot contains nitrate, which is destroyed by re-heating and become dangerous. If more beet is left in your freezer you can keep it out of the freeze and eat at normal temperature.

4. Mushrooms


We should always try to eat fresh mushrooms only because they become bad very quickly. Mushrooms are treasures of protein and other nutrition and again by re-heating them protein changes into toxins which can be dangerous for our body.

5. Eggs


We can reheat foods that have eggs, but it is dangerous to re-heat scrambled or boiled eggs. Eggs can be toxic when exposed to high temperature once they have been cooked. They are also full of protein and re-heating eggs cause the protein to be destroyed and change its composition to become toxic.

6. Spinach


Eating reheated spinach can cause cancer. Spinach contains nitrate, which converts into nitrites that can potentially cause cancer. That is why, spinach should be eaten fresh or right away after cooking.

7. Celery


Celery, which is most commonly used for soups also contains nitrate. A soup can be reheated after removing celery. However, you should try to consume it fresh.

8. Rice

Uncooked rice can contain spores of a bacterium named Bacillus series, which can cause food poisoning. The spores can survive even after the rice is cooked. If rice is left at room temperature the spores of Bacillus cereus can grow into bacteria. These bacteria can multiply and can create toxins that can cause vomiting and digestive problems.

To avoid this problem you should always eat rice immediately after cooking it or if that’s not possible, let the rice cool down and keep it in a freeze. We can reheat rice and eat it this way, but we cannot leave rice at room temperature, reheat and eat it.

We do not want to serve poison to our loved ones. So, next time you put leftover food in microwave, stove or oven find first if the food is safe for reheating.

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