How To Increase Breast Size Naturally and Safely

Many women with smaller than average breasts ask themselves daily “ how to increase breast size naturally and safely? ”. There are certainly a number of natural methods that have been proven over time to be effective, but it is very important to remember that the process can take some time. It will not happen overnight and anyone promising a solution in a few days is either lying or placing you in danger. On the other hand, following the natural and safe methods below will certainly produce results. It may take a month and a half to two months on average to start to see results, but you will be able to rest easy knowing you are safe and will be able to enjoy your larger breasts.

Food and Diet to increase breast size

For a start, we will focus on diet. There are foods that will significantly help with breast enlargement and they are listed below. They are:

  • Milk (full fat, in moderation)
  • Yogurt (Full Fat)
  • Fenugreek (also known as methi)
  • Estrogen rich seeds, such as anise, flax, sunflower
  • Phytoestrogen-rich nuts, like cashews, wall-nuts, and pistachio
  • Bananas
  • Papaya and
  • Soybeans

There are certainly more foods in the general list, but the above list is a good starting point.

Full Cream Milk and Yogurt

Full cream milk and yogurt contain fat which is an essential part of larger breasts. Around 70 percent of breast tissue is fat and this is important as part of a ‘natural filler’ to enlarge your overall breast size. Having a glass or two of milk per day as well as yogurt, mixed with flax seeds or even grated cashews and almonds will be an important ingredient for your breast enlargement. There are many other benefits to your overall health which include an increased intake of antioxidants as well. This will improve your ability to fight colds as an added bonus.

Fenugreek and Nuts

The Fenugreek contains phytoestrogens in plant form which is a natural chemical that stimulates breast growth. If for some reason you don’t like the taste, it has also been found that massaging crushed fenugreek seeds, with sunflower seeds and almond mixed with a small amount of milk to become a paste into your breasts will also help.

While this may sound a little messy, it’s important to remember the end goal here- you want to have larger breasts. The nuts can also be had as a small snack, through the day and in small, but regular amounts, will not add to your waistline, but certainly will add to your breast size.


Bananas should also be eaten and can be added to soy or full-fat milk to create a rich drink that is again, rich in cream fat and the bananas also have large amounts of potassium that contribute to larger breasts.

A common question that is often asked, however, is the effects that these foods can have on the rest of the body. It can be safely said that the consumption of the above foods will not create a muscle woman, but rather, help the fat to settle in the areas that provide you with greater confidence- in your chest area.

Unfortunately, there is always more to the story. You will need to make sure that you exercise as well and by spending a half hour per day on the below exercises will not only increase breast size but also your overall self-confidence as an added bonus too!

Exercises to Increase Breast Size Naturally

It is important to also include certain exercises on a regular basis as they will help to strengthen and enlarge the muscles around the breast and increase blood flow and your breast size too.

Push Ups


The first set of exercises are push-ups, as these will massively increase the muscle tone around your breasts as your upper body weight is pushed up each time. An alternative to this exercise is a wall ‘push away’ where you place your feet firmly on the floor and hands firmly against the wall as you lean your body into the wall, and then push your body away. It is a good idea to do either twenty push-ups or twenty walls push-away each session.


Increase breasts size using yoga

Another exercise that may seem different is a yoga pose called the cobra pose. You lie on the floor with your feet close together and place your hand’s palm down on the floor. I should mention you need to be lying on the floor with your chest to the floor and slowly lift your chest and head, as you look towards the ceiling. While this sounds hard, it is both very helpful in strengthening your chest muscles and also, very importantly, increasing your breast size naturally. After you have held your chest and head high for ten seconds, relax and lie back down. Repeat the exercise twenty times.

General Weight Lifting- Dumbbells


Weightlifting of dumbbells is very beneficial to breast enlargement as well as the process of holding a dumbbell in each hand, holding them outstretched from your body at 90 degrees, and then lifting in an arc to above your head, holding and reversing followed by twenty repetitions are beneficial to increased muscle strength around the breasts. This will help to create an increased size over time.


While a breast massage may sound like groping it is considered an effective way. The massage increases blood flow and the flow of phytoestrogens. It also encourages prolactin production, which is a hormone that enlarges breasts.

Visually Boost Appearance

Dressing to make breasts appear larger is a common way to boost the bust. A push bra is a must-have in every women’s closet. The bra adds a bit of smooth padding and pushes the breasts upward, giving them a more full appearance. Choosing tops with bold colors and patterns will also give the chest a larger look. By wearing a bold top and more subdued colors on the bottom a woman draws the eyes of her chest.

There are certainly more ways in addition to the above list. There are also birth control pills that will help, but that is not always necessary or suitable for everyone, whereas the exercise and food ideas above will help to increase breast size naturally. Give yourself time and enjoy your body.

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