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Never reheat these foods! It becomes toxic, cause cancer

December 6, 2016

Never reheat these 8 Foods to avoid cancer! It’s common in all homes that we reheat the food when we eat that food at another time.  It is not only bachelors that do this, but the freeze is full of leftover food in every home now. To escape from cooking we cook more at a time and […]


This Body Builder Has No Pulse In His Body – Waiting For a New Heart

August 7, 2016

Andrew Jones, 26, is the best example to show how far medical technology has come. This model and bodybuilder from Connecticut are living with a shocking truth that can put all of us in abashment.  He is alive on an artificial heart pump and pacemaker that he carries with him 24×7. This makes impossible for […]


This is How This Mom Taught a Lesson To Her Rebel Teenage Son

September 20, 2015

A letter from Estella to her Son Aaron has gone viral and shared by thousands of people. In this letter she teaches him a “lesson in Independence”. She asked him to pay for Rent, Internet, Electricity, and Food. She told him that he had forgotten that he was “only 13 and I’m the parent”. Aaron […]


She made a change in diet and lost 56 KG !

September 14, 2015

Sarah Turner, She weighs 245 pounds before. After giving coke she weighs now 126 pounds. Her name is Sarah Turner. Sarah gave up on Coca-Cola completely and lost 56 kg weight in less than a year. According to media reports, she was consuming 4 liters Coca-Cola in a day for 10 years almost! That is […]


Viral Video: Woman Gives Birth in running car on Houston’s Beltway 8

July 18, 2015

A couple was going in car on Houston’s Beltway 8. Her husband recorded whole thing with his pro camera while he was driving the car and she gave birth to 10 pound baby boy ! The husband has uploaded whole video on youtube and it has gone viral. The video contains NO nudity. The lady […]